apfel diary
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2003-09-09 03:43:30 (UTC)

sigh..i had a word with my sis..

sigh..i had a word with my sis last sunday.hm..had an
arguement for a little thing.hey,i wasnt the one wanna
argue with her and i wasnt the first one to argue it.all is
my sis did it first.i tried to ignore her.but she had been
scold me still.and blame me wrong.so that i had to tell her
about the truth.i didnt want sis misunderstand me.then we
started arguing.its all about mooncake.sis's bf bought
mooncake for us.but it just a paper.we got to go to the
shop for taking it.and we all lazy to get there as it is
quite far from our home.my mom asked my dad go to get it.u
know,my dad just listen to my mom.whatever my mom ask,he
must do it.actually i knew dad wasnt willing to get the
mooncake but he did it still.hehe..see that dad loves mom
alot. sigh..i went out with bonnie that day.i was back home
late.when i was back,i take the mooncake out from
refrigerator.and i realised that the mooncake wasnt the one
which we want.my mom was very angry with dad.accused dad of
being stupid.got the mooncake wrong.no one like to eat
it.and then asked dad go to the shop again to change it
right.sigh..i dont wanna see them had a word there.so i
told them 'never mind it,we have never tried this
mooncake,lets just try it.there is no need going there
again as dad not willing get there again.it so
troublesome.'and then i phoned to sis.asked her if there
get the shop nearby where she was.what a pity,sis said no
this shop around.and she was very angry when she heard
about the bad new.scold me why didnt i take the mooncake to
the shop to have a change.i just told her no one was
willing go out and we all lazy to do it.and i admitted that
i lazy,i dont mind eating this mooncake.and then sis called
home again.she insisted us on changing it back.i told her
just let it be,no one wanted to go out again.and then she
called and called again.i started feeling trouble.and heard
sis sounded angry.made me get angry too.i said loudly'i
wont go out,i admitted im lazy'then sis scold me alot and
asked me why did i so lazy.i told her that i admitted,and
if she thinks she is not lazy she can be the one go to
change it and not us.i think she must be very angry after
hearing what i said.later then,i was watching tv when she
back home.sis knew that dad changed right one back.and went
to bedroom to have a talk with mom.i dont know what they
talked.i just know that sis looked angry and scold me
again.i was ingored her there,keep on watching the tv
show.cos i didnt wanna fight with her argue with
her.ahh..she had been scold me still.never stopped!!so
noisy! the thing what made me wanna argue with her is she
misunderstood me.she blame me on asking dad go to take the
mooncake.she accused me of being lazy.she scold me that i
was too mean to her on the phone etc.hey,i didnt ask dad go
to get it.mom did.i didnt scold anyone for getting wrong
mooncake.why blamed on me now?also,i admitted i do little
mean to sis on the last phone.but it just cos of she scold
me and mean to me first.i flet noisy and busy at that
time,mom and dad was arguing and sis phoned me alot.so that
i mean to her on phone with reason.i know i was wrong ,but
it not all my fault.i didnt wanna fight with sis.i turned
on the computer for ignoring sis.ahh..she scold me and not
permitted me using the computer.i started getting my temper
at that time.we started aruging since then.i was really
angry,she never thought she was wrong too.she thought she
did right.she denied she was scold me and parents.she made
up the story.she said that sometimes i mean to her in front
of her bf and friends.ahh,did she know what she is talking
about???i bet i have never done those bad thing on her.i
know what is polite,i wont do anything to make sis feel
shame when her friends is there.and i can swear for
it.sigh,she denied anything she did and just blame on
ppl.my mom be the witness to tell sis what is the truth.but
sis still denied and said no this thing was happened,she
she thought mom just stand by my side to make the story
out.what more we can do since she denied anything and not
believe what mom said.i was angry more when i heard
it.nvm..as long as my parents know i didnt do wrong,who
cares what sis think of me.who cares she scold me.just
feeling disappointed on sis.i decided not care sis
anymore,i'd better not too close to her,avoid being scold
by her again.i hate sis open the eyes lying.i admitted i
was mean to her but she denied she mean to me!and she make
thing up!!sigh..really hurt and i cried.
yesterday i didnt pick the phone up as i knew it calling
from sis.i dont wanna have argument with her again.maybe
she wanna say sorry to me or something.who cares.avoid of
having arguement again,i'd better not talk to her that much.
my heart been feeling so pain aince argued with sis that
nite.maybe i was too angry that day.and i wanted take sick
leave yesterday.but i didnt.sigh..i think i take more rest
will be fine.so that i slept so early last nite.today i
feeling better.