2003-09-08 18:51:45 (UTC)

another quick thought

as long as im being completely unproductive..

i was thinking... well it doesnt make sense, i asked dawn
what the cunt's last name was, cus i realized i dont know
it and it bothers me. not like i was guna do anything
crazy and katieish. and i thought again how much it sucks
that dawn told me about that job for her back then because
we could have found her another one and this wouldnt be
happening. and then i was thinking about how I always wish
there were no other people in the world but me and a
couple others. and i was like well if there werent other
people putting their outside influences on us, we would
probably still be happy. in fact we would probably have
been even happier and still be.

and at first, i was thinking, well thats true for everyone,
but its not. I would still be miserable with Matt without
outside influence, because for the most part, thats how
we've made it... and it's not other people, its HIM, its
US. and i was thinking well from what she tells
me, most of why shes unhappy is because of HER, too not
outside people. so. yeah. maybe thats one of the
differences between a real relationship and a fake one.
although its all mostly hypothetical. if the two people
themselves could be entirely happy without outside
circumstances, or would they be just as unhappy.