Montana bound
2003-09-08 08:33:28 (UTC)

Unexpected, but not necessarily unwelcome

Make yourselves comfortable, boys, this is a long one.

I got an email from the site today informing me that I
haven't made an entry in this journal for a while. What
else is new?

It's about 1:30 AM right now, and the Old Man just came in
and said to me "I know you're staying up and watering the
lawn, but you've got a full day tomorrow, and I expect you
to be awake for it." Boy, it just dudn't get much more
hypocritical than that. He's unwilling to stay up and do
the watering at night, because he's got to go to work and be
awake for a full day tomorrow. I, on the other hand, am
expected to stay up all night watering the lawn, or at least
wake up every half-hour/hour to change the sprinkler set,
and yet I'm still required to be awake and alert for a full
day tomorrow. God damn, I can't wait to move out of this house.

There's really not much going on lately, which is why I
haven't written. Go figure, eh?

Although, now that I think about it, I suppose there is
something I could write about. It's strange, and kind of
unsettling, but even more so in that it's not. If that
makes sense to anyone.

Anyway, Jessica and I hung out for a few hours tonight. As
always, my second brain had some expectations, but once
again they went unfulfilled. That's alright, though; I've
said it before, our friendship means more to me than my own
personal gratification ever could.

We had fun. First we went to Evil-Mart for lack of anything
better to do, and while there she told me that, with any
other guy, she would be flirting shamelessly with every
other guy she saw. Yet with me, she never seems to have
that temptation. All the other guys she hangs out with
would expect her to be there with them, on a date, so they
wouldn't want her hanging over the other guys. I, on the
other hand, couldn't care less if she wants to try to score
some numbers or something; God knows if I were more outgoing
I'd probably be doing the same thing. Funny, that. The one
guy who would gladly allow her to do that, and she doesn't
feel the need. I think I may be on to something here.

While at Evil-Mart, she took me into the crafts/fabric (I
have no idea what it's really called) department to show me
the dress she wants to make for the Monster Mash. Somehow,
she got it into her head that she had already showed it to
me, though she never had, and we had a lot of fun bantering
about that while she was trying to find it. About 20
minutes and four catalogues later, she finally found it. I
think it'll be a great dress--it looks great, and she being
in it can only enhance the outfit--and I told her I'll do
some research on Vlad himself to see if I can't find what
his wardrobe might have consisted of. I've also got to
speak with my friends who still attend the high school and
ask them to alert me as soon as they learn when the Monster
Mash will be happening. I really don't know if our Hearse
plan will pull through, but I'm going to try; that would be
absolutely awesome! So, I've got a bit of work ahead of me.

As she always does, when we passed the baby clothes,
accessories, etc., she said that she wants a baby. I don't
know why, but I piped up and told her that, if she wants me
to be involved in any way, shape or form, don't plan on it
happening for at least three or four years. She had no
problem with this, saying that she doesn't really want to
settle down for a couple years, either. Now don't get the
wrong idea, I'm not saying we're making any promises or
anything. Just a stray thought.

We couldn't find Andy, figured he must not have been working
today; he has the weekday schedule lately. Jessica was
hungry, so we finished up and headed to KFC/Taco Bell. This
was a bit of a strong statement for her, because she usually
avoids that place like the plague. Brad works there, no
more needs to be said. He wasn't working today, though, and
I suppose Jessica was doing it partially out of hunger, but
mostly out of spite. We had some interesting conversation
while eating. She told me of Eric, a guy she like(d/s? I
don't know what she thinks of him), and the whole episode
with him. Apparently, a while after she and Mark broke up,
and waiting patiently for the separation of Eric from his
girlfriend at the time, they started getting closer.
Eventually, she asked him to MORP, and he said yes. A few
days later, she was told by someone else that he no longer
wanted to go with her. Upon confronting him, she learned
that Eric had asked Mark if he was okay with it, and though
he hadn't said no, he hadn't necessarily been thrilled about
the idea, so Eric thought it best to call it off. Needless
to say, this didn't do much for Jessica's spirits. I've got
to applaud the guy and give him kudos on his loyalty to his
friend. God knows there are too many guys out there who
wouldn't give a second thought ot ditching the boys in favor
of a girl; a tragedy of our times. Personally, I have sort
of my own philosophy on that; but that's another subject for
another time. However, when Jessica asked Mark if he'd like
to give it another chance between them, he said no. I
really dislike guys like him. If she's offering you another
chance, and you want it, then take it! If not, get over it
and move on, God damn it! Don't spoil someone else's chance
at happiness just because you can't fucking grow up!

It's now just after 2, the timer just went off again and my
Dad got cross at me asking what I was doing when I went out
to change the sprinkler setting. He's mad at me because I'm
still awake watering his god damned lawn! FUCK!!!

When we got done eating, we came back to my place so she
could check her email. She got that latest message of mine,
and said that she agreed. Don't ask, it's a long and
complicated story, and I don't feel like relating it;
probably couldn't remember all the details anyway. That
done, we went downstairs and she got me to hook up the old
Nintendo for her. Yes, I still have that ancient 16-bit
system, and yes, I still play it now and then. Hell, I
still like some of the original Nintendo games better than
most of the new ones. Back then, they went for STORY, not
graphics. The new gamers could learn something from playing
them. First she played Super Mario Brothers (the original,
and very possibly still the best), then she put in Super
Mario Brothers 3. True, there was a lot of cooky workings
and machine maintinence involved therein, especially when we
took out the first Mario Brothers and tried to get the third
one to work, but it was worth it, and we had fun.

Before she left, as always seems to happen when we got
together, we started discussing the possibility of our
getting married somewhere on down the road. It's strange,
we talk about marriage with each other, and yet neither of
us are approving of a deeper relationship between us right
now. I have no idea how that works. Actually, we'd been
speaking about marriage most of the night, just kind of
wandering from that topic to others and back.

It's unusual. If the subject of marriage were broached with
basically any other girl, I would cringe and retreat as if
it were poisonous. However, whenever I speak with Jessica
about it, I find myself totally comfortable not only with
the topic of conversation, but even with the idea itself. I
have no idea why this is, and if you even have a guess,
well--I was going to say clue me in, but on second thought,
keep it to yourself. I have some guesses of my own, but
damned if I'm going to give them the time of day. In this
instance, at least, I like not knowing.

After Jessica left, I went and hung out with Andy, Chandi,
and Tiffany until nearly midnight. It was fun, and
definitely interesting, but nothing really notable happened.
Well, except that Chandi's kittens chewed up my pen pretty
good, I didn't think those little things had that much
strength yet, but apparently I was wrong. Oh well, I'll
live; the pen's still twirl-able.

I got the role of the Constable in Fiddler On The Roof. Not
the best or most important role, no, but I'm happy with it.
One of these days, I'm hoping I'll actually catch myself a
singing role. That would be nice. I'm sure I'll be helping
with the choir, but it would be nice to have a singing lead.
Oh well, the Constable does fit my personality pretty well,
I'm sure I'll be able to act it out well enough.

In closing, I've got roughly 41 hours until my 18th year of
life begins. Techincally, that's the day after tomorrow. I
know my birthday's on Tuesday, and it's early morning
Monday, but as far as I'm concerned Today (Sunday) doesn't
end until I go to sleep, damn it. Andy's having his
celebration of the Bitch's leave-taking party on Tuesday,
then we're going to have to throw another party or something
this weekend so Jessica can come. I'm looking forward to
it. And as always, I'm hoping the paperwork for a mortgage
loan approval comes through soon, so Andy and I can find a
house and get the hell out of Dodge (technically and so to