2003-09-08 03:33:48 (UTC)

Give up this fight, there are no second chances...

this time I might, to ask the sea for answers..

These bonds are shackle free, wrapped in lust and lunacy.
Tiny touch of jealousy, these bonds are shackle free.

ah well. he bought me some shit and while it makes me sad
to admit it i feel a little better. or a little more like
i can ignore the bad feeling, would be a better way to say
it. im not a material girl but you know. things are
slightly less depressing when your hair smells like green

im losing my fucking mind. lately i've been stopping
myself when im talking or thinking and saying "What the
FUCK are you TALKING about you crazy bitch?" im just
babbling mindlessly about nothing important because my head
is too wrapped up in other things. MAKE IT GO AWAY.

"There's sudden change and a wave of what could be excuses
or explanations. All good things must end. Look before
leaping. A fall would be embarrassing now. Feel like the
trappings of your life have turned into a trap? You can
escape them. Remember, most of it is your own creation. "

ha thanks fuck you. thats real nice. even
has to throw it in my face. fuck you i said.

carolines yesterday was the best one. "You're just
recognizing the consequences of your actions while there's
still time to reverse them. But don't relax into full
understanding yet. A timely or untimely interruption
changes the picture dramatically. Maybe your dreams
prepared you for this, because there doesn't seem to be any
rhyme or reason for it. At least you can't complain about
being bored."

i have this funny scratch, right below my tummy, but
above my stuf.. its bothering me cus i wonder how it got
there. its like when you fall off your bike and scrape
your knee, but thats just silly i know that didnt happen
there. and its interfering with my perfect straight little

haha, i felt guilty tonight, like i should tell him i saw
georgina. shes sweet but really not that cute. but maybe
she could be to someone else, who doesnt have a freckle
phobia and hatred of sunny hair.

im soooo tired. im drained. i think im guna take care of
that and go to sleep.


it takes the pain away, that could not make you stay..
it's way too broke to fix, no glue, no bag of tricks.

your smile would make me sneeze, when we were siamese,
amazing grace in here, i'd pay to have you near.

don't go and lose your face, at some strangers place,
and don't forget to breathe...


Ashley - can you email me the pictures of my boobs? =) love