Nick's Journal
2003-09-08 02:39:56 (UTC)

From now on when I leave with Kroger with a 40 oz. in my hand on a sunday night I'm bagging it

yeah that's right. no longer am i walking out of kroger
with a malt liquor hurricane on a sunday night without
first bagging it. you see, to me this 40 oz. is merely
a "refresher", my german teacher it's "an
indication that nick is a raging alcoholic". now he
didn't outright say it, but i knew he was thinking it,
besides how fucking awkward is it to strut out of kroger
with a thing that ways as much as a new born that will get
you fucked up?
and it just HAD to be malt liquor too. maybe with a bud
light i could have played it off good-naturedly, like
maybe, "ah, nick you're only a mild alcoholic", but
no.....malt liquor = raging. let me replay the 30
horrific seconds for you :
teacher : nick!????
me : oh shit!
teacher : are you doing here? (eyeing 40)
me : know, just em,,,,,,,,,(scratch balls)
getting a drink (sheepish grin)
teacher : you're a raging alcoholic!
me : i know!
well the last part didn't happen, but i knew he was
thinking it. man the only thing more awkward than that is
fucking your grandmother in the dark cos you mistook her
for your girlfriend.
jesus! i can't believe that happened. eh, i guess it's not
that bad......