Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-09-07 23:58:19 (UTC)

Norwich Once Again. Return Of The Maq

So here I am, as ever, after a major change of location
writing to say how surprised I am by how well things have
gone today. And once again, they have.

The things that worried me earlier on have been forgotten,
and provided I get signed up to sign on tomorrow, I get a
few days of doing not so much in Norwich, which will be
great, especially in the light of how tired I am after the
last night/this which REALLY bit into me, and I feel a bit
upset about. Still, y'can't win 'em all.

A few things I've been wondering, some of you may know
why, any thoughts let me know.

I went to school with a lot of people, a lot of whom I
didn't like, and many of with whom I did not get on. Fair
enough. If I meet these people now, I still don't like
them, as they've done nothing to redeem themselves, not to
me anyway, and I don't really care for them any more than
I do a stranger. So I don't chat to them about what
they're doing because I don't care.

If I do care, I'll ask, I'll be interested. I'm not one to
fake things for no reason, there's no point. And that's
not me...not at all.

So there you go...just time to note that the football
season started today, and there's no way I can listen to
the Steelers without paying. Which I can't do. And this
annoys me a great deal. I'll have to work it out....maybe
an e-mail is in order.

WILT? Weezer - Island In The Sun