purple star

Never once spoken
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2003-09-07 23:41:00 (UTC)

inside out

the situation always changes.
the position remains the same.
underneath it all my soul is on fire.
embers will be smouldered.
and all it took was the rain.

be kind to my face.
but stab my back.
you know me.
it will all be forgiven.
i have a weak soul.

my appetite for love.
has learned to go hungry.
a burning desire waiting.
yearning to be released.
all it will take is the rain.

beauty is on the horizon.
just out of my reach.
i will slip and i'll fall.
but i will get back up.
and have the energy of a child.

it comes out of a bottle.
and into my hand.
my treasured taste of yellow.
so this is what it feels like.
not to feel.

the knife twists hard.
and has handles of orange.
my love and my comfort.
killing me on the inside.
projecting happiness outside.

my life is beautiful.
colorful and bright.
can you feel the color?
stone cold eyes stare at you.
tell me what you see.