Joronas Temnra

2003-09-07 20:44:36 (UTC)


It's strange... a song about masochism and sadism being sung
in a church concert... but it's a song about love in itself,
and so belongs included there, and yet it does not.. not in
a church. Not with the beliefs of Christianity.

And yet does it belong in mine? All acts of love and
pleasure.. yes it can, but not always.. but An ye harm
none.. can it really? Only if no harm is done.

How does sex fit with faith? It belongs in mine.. it's part
of the act of worship, to give and receive pleasure is an
act of worshipping the Lady. But I was raised Christian,
where sex is nothing more than a means to produce children.
How do I reconcile the beliefs? I can't. Almost all of the
beliefs from my childhood I cannot believe in now -- not
necessairily because of conflicts with my faith now, but
because I'm older and I hope wiser, though it may simply be
more foolish.

I can no longer be idealistic and naive.. I've seen too much
in the world. But so many others are, and that terrifies
me.. I believe that all things have the right to live.. yet
I believe that to attack another is to give them the right
to fight... and I believe that if you have to fight, then if
winning requires death, then you have to fight to that end..
And yet, An ye harm none.. and yet to harm none I cannot
step aside when someone is in danger, even if staying in the
path causes harm to another.