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2003-09-07 20:29:38 (UTC)

Senior Year

Well, Senior has started and so far its kinda lame. I cant
stand sitting through Biology again. I'm taking it because
I got a D first semiester when I took it the first time and
so I'm fixing it now.... Current class scheduel is...

0. Link Crew (It's leadership helping specificlly helping
1. English 7-8
2. Biology
3. Spanish 3-4
4. AP Calculus
5. TA
6. Yearbook

Oh and this year our scheduel is so fucked up. We have
break after 1st instead of 2nd and we have 3 classes after
Lunch... Damit I had it planned out so that I could just
leave after Lunch for 2nd semiester. I know this year is
going to be weird. English will give some homework,
Biology will give a buntch, Calculus will give a ton,
Spanish will give some more. I'm sure I can get some help
with Spanish though, and Biology wont take me too long
since I already took the class.

Well, enough about classes. My brother kinda brought
something up about a week ago about Prom. I should
probably go find a suit for Prom before Winter Formal... I
think. No later then end of Janurary I think though. Only
problem with that idea is I dont really have a date. I was
thinking of maybe asking Alina, she's nice and pretty hot.
Yeah I dont really know what to do yet.

Well, I gotta go clean up crap, write more this year I
think... Senior Power!!! =P


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