The Nine Faces of Dave
2003-09-07 06:31:59 (UTC)

why can't we be friends?

1:30 AM on a Saturday night. Looks like so far I'm still in
my patterns from the summer. I guess it just takes time to
break out; old habits die hard. With a vengeance.

So I've concluded that people seem a lot less friendly this
year, compared to last year. Maybe I just had an incredible
bit of luck, but everyone on my hall last year was friendly,
and I still hang out with a lot of them. Plus I made a few
friends in CS, as well as in my other classes. And I got to
know people quickly; within orientation week, I knew roughly
half of the people on my hall, by name, and I'd already met
a couple of people from other halls.

This year, not much luck so far. Our hall meeting honestly
didn't do a very good job of introducing people, but I'm not
going to blame the RAs for social jive. What's interesting
is that nobody really seems to be making the effort to meet
people. Doors stay closed, music stays in headphones, stuff
isn't written on whiteboards. What's worse, half the time,
people won't even return acknowledgements. Just a nod, or a
greeting, or something, would be grand.

And at the risk of sounding misogynistic, this is something
that seems to be happening mostly with women. And I do not
fucking get it. Now last year I would have understood. It
would still have sucked, but I would have understood. Let's
face it, I was fucking hideous, and I understand that looks
play a role in how you react to people, regardless of their
gender or your sexual preference.

But let's face it, that's in the past. I lost 40 pounds in
under 4 months, and got myself in shape. As Daft Punk would
put it, I'm harder, better, faster, stronger. And I think I
should be doing better than I am. But I'm not.

Oh well, that's it for tonight. Signing off.

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