Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-09-07 04:25:07 (UTC)

Bak Home

So today i took the trip bak to clifton for billys
grandfathers funeral...we hung out wit billy tonite to get
his mind off of it and i was happy to see him again cuz i
missed him...i never really talk to ne of my freinds unless
theyre online..after i hung out wit billy i went and hung
out wit kate..then we went to applegates and this fucker
that i hate there Harold..i had hoped they fired him but
they didnt..said the rudest comment i ever not
gonna repeat it tho cuz itll piss me off...newayz after
that we went by jenns for literally a sec cuz i didnt
really wanna see her but i dropped her backpack off so that
i didnt have nething of hers nemore..then we visited pete
and christine..they are a very abusive couple and pete
smells..just had to point that yesterday we went to
a party and kelly decided she was gonna tough it out or
whatever and i didnt want her to come and everyone was like
oh shes not that bad let her come so fine she did and they
all regretted sayin that...she was so fuckin annoyin like i
cant even write half the shit she did..but now it sux for
me cuz none of them want to hang with her and i cant leave
her in the room cuz she follows me and shit so i dunno i
gotta fuckin play sux well im out peace

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