I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2003-09-07 03:11:01 (UTC)


I live in a state where there are basically 2
universities. If you live here, and want to fit in, you
must pledge your allegience to one or the other. I went to
a school where football is king and the rest is just

I never expected that for myself. I am a girl from
Greenwich, CT. and if you know anything about Greenwich
then you'll understand where I'm coming from. But I went
to a southern football school.

I don't think that you really GET (man, I wish I could use
italics here. Italics would get my point across) football
unless you live in the south. It's very important to wear
the right colors, go tailgating, and fight anyone who says
something bad about your school.

It's football season again and damn, am I proud to live in
the south.