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2003-09-07 02:09:04 (UTC)

bleeding uterus

That's going to be the name of my punk rock band. Oh, not
really though. I lied.
I'm not answering my phone ever again. If you want to talk
to me leave me a message and I'll call you back assuming
you're either Sharon or Michelle or one of the other very
rare people who is my friend. Guess who I'm avoiding now.
There seems to be a pattern of avoidance in my psuedo-
I'm getting my license in a month and I'll be able to
immeadiately buy a used car.
I'm going to drive until I find a place that isn't so
I'm going to drive to the ocean and spend the night there.
Why are autos so dull looking?
I'll paint mine with eyes and stars and abstract images and

I've been reading about Hinduism.

Michelle, I'm glad you're too strong to let your mother's
malicous and overbearing behavior manipulate you. I'd try
to give you advice or consolation, but you don't need it.

Sometimes I wish I belonged to the sky instead of to the

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