El Diablo
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2003-09-06 19:38:21 (UTC)

A burst of happiness in 2 years

I have no one else to share thsi happiness with. After
almost two years SHE fianlly unblocked me today...... you
know how long ive been waiting just to ask her "hi
shail.... how are you doing?" I know you will probably
say "you are a crazy twit". but there is no one in the
world who will undustand what i am goign thru or what i
went thru all this time waiting...... if i dident know how
important tomorrows day is ....i would probably bunk office
and throw a party for all my friends. I wish i could do
that. Well NOW dont tell me that wishing never works. i
have been wishing for this day for soo long and my wish
finally was granted.
Anyways ........ i will neevr forget this day.... this day
which brought a happy tear to my eye..... this day which
made me feel again....... and all it took was so little.....