DayDream Believer
2003-09-06 18:44:04 (UTC)

I saw him

There is a lot to be said and written about the last weeks,
but Im gonna pick out one that happend lately.
Last week I was going home afther my class at university,
usaly Im going to my boyfriend Tommy, but since my grandma
came all the way from abord that week I went home.
I had to change bus on the way, and when I walked in to the
second bus I sow him sitting somewere back in the bus, him
I was shocked, diddnt know what to do, but I sat dom a bit
in front in the bus, and I admit I looked back a fre times,
but most at the time I focused on not look like a freak and
Later I decided that if it ever happend agen I would walk
though him an sit somewhere behand him. Im my was to pass
him I should smile and maybe say hi, to check his reaction,
but not start to talk or anyting, cause I dont know where I
have him, are he angry with me? does he want to talk to me?
does he want us to have contact at all etc.

Friday (yesterday) I was going out to dance, Tommy did as
usaly not want to go out with me, I didnt drink, did not
meet anyone I knew!! and there was no one who could come
with me. The only thing I did was to talk to this woman who
is a freind of my nighbour and the I sat in the car of a
friend of me and talked for 15 minutes before he had to go
home and iron a shirt til a wedding today.
I went to my old club, but it was not as crowded as normal,
no one I`d liked t dance with, some strangers form a nother
contry tryed to hit at me all the time (they are dark
collord, and Im a werry tall and long hair, dark blond
hair, somting they love)
I danced for a while before I decided to to it, I had been
thinking about it earlier in the evneing, but told my self
not to, I knew that it would men trubble, but stil I did
it, I sendt a message to S* wondering if he was out to?

He answred me!!! That was all I needed actually, he wassent
in the same town as me, and he was leaving on Tuesday to go
back to his University..
I took the bus back to Tommy at 2, and when I went inside I
tokk the phone of, I knew S* would probobly call and with
S* in bed with me that would only mean truble.

It would be nice to have talked to him yes, but it was not
worth it, I would not let Tommy go because of my courosity.
S* answerd me an that was all I needed for now.
I did not think that he would send me anymessages today,
not so early while he was sil sober anyway. But about 3am I
got a message if I was going out tonight.
I didnt answer it before afther a hour, I used to get som
thrilled and answer at once before, I was happy for the
message, for what it meant for us, and since today has not
been one of the best days in my life (another story) it
Imade up a story that I had this thing to do, I allready
had a comittment to Tommy and Emma today. I could and would
not cansel it for S*, that would be wrong.

So hes leaving now, will probobly not be home agen before
christmas, maybe I`ll meet him then. I got my answer even
though I didnt asked him, an that is all I need for now.

Love Angel