2003-09-06 14:06:40 (UTC)

i know theres always a chance..

.. a tiny spark will be made
and sparks turn into flames
and love can burn once again

but baby, whenever you call me, i'll be there
whenever you want me, i'll be there
whenever you need me, i'll be there, i'll be around.

i'm STILL sleepy!!! i think all this staying up late
reading and writing has gotten me too tired... how come
every time i spend a day cleaning the next day i look
around and shits a mess again?? thats so irritating..

i really need to go do this drug test thang. i dont want
to go alone.. but i dont think shes up yet. and im NOT
callin his ass.

im happy cus last night i was up for a couple hours doin
her school stuf trying to make it easier on her... because
i know first of all she has enough stress and second of all
because i know she'll just say fuck it if its too
frustrating.. and even though i REALLY REALLY dont want
her to go to fucking colorado, i looked at the schools
there online. to see if she could do it.. and i think she
can if she works really hard. and i'll help her. so i was
all happy last night when i went to sleep. but i slept too
fucking long.

i love getting messages on here=)

I want to see the pictures of my boobs!! SCAN THEM And send
them to me!!

youre beautiful.
and i love you.
the pictures are hot.
mmmm....your boobs.
bring them here.
the fire alarm has been going off for close to an hour.
im sleepy.

i miss you too beautiful =)
and btw, i would think you were beautiful even if you
didnt have the most amazing eyes i have ever seen, or the
largest and most perfect breasts.
dont forget that i love you. and dont forget that i always
will. no matter what life brings, youre in my heart. and
you will be for as long forever allows.
i love you, i miss you, and like the hot ftj girl, i want
you too.