2003-09-06 04:41:12 (UTC)

Finally...only two more semesters to go!

I can't believe this is my last year here. It doesn't seem
possible that I've been here this long. I've grown so much
as a person, a singer, and an artist. It feels like the
challenges and changes just keep coming. Each year it
seems to get a little harder and this year seems to be the
most difficult but now I feel like I have some of the
skills to get through it better. The first week was
unbelievable, but I've started pacing myself more.
My new place is SO much nicer and it actually feels like
home. I come home and I automatically hit relax mode.
This year is going to bring some big challenges. I'm
facing some amazing journeys vocally and artistically.
Academically I'm taking 23 credit hours-so my nose will be
in the books all the time. This is the most reading I've
had to do since I've been here! I'm also trying to figure
out what graduate school I'm going to audition at/attend-
which adds some stress. I've also begun planning my senior
recital, which I consider the office closing of the lid to
this entire experience here. I'll get through it.
I was just cast in the fall opera, which is Il Matrimonio
Segreto. I will be singing the role of Count Robinson.
I'm not familiar with the opera, but it will be nice to
sing something more tonal than the previous three I've
I'm flying to NYC on October 8 for about 5 days. I'm going
to Manhattan S. of Music to tour the facilities and have a
lesson with a teacher there. I'm excited because I've
become phone friends/e-mail buddies with a couple of the
voice majors there currently who answered my questions over
the phone through the admissions office. Of course I will
be spending all my time with my wonderful Aunt Kate. I'm
planning on seeing Bernadette in Gypsy as well while I'm
At this point my eyes are barely staying open. My bed
calls me!
For now~