Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-09-06 03:58:04 (UTC)

De-stressing do I say this... It's been a harrowing week,
since last Friday, when I found out that I was in deep muck
when I realized that I had no clue about one of my
classes. I can relax a little now, though, yay.....the
questions on yesterday's quiz only took me about 10 minutes
to was nowhere as hard as I thought it would
be....but, my next class' quiz had a little gotcha that
costed me a lot of time, and then the teacher announced
that we only had 5 minutes left....and I just panicked, for
I thought we would have the whole class time to do it...I
hope I at least get partial credit for the work that I did
get done. As much as I'd like to, I won't be going to the
camping trip tomorrow. I keep getting this nagging feeling
that I shouldn't go, so I'm just gonna stay home with my
youngest son for that night. Well, other than that, time
to read some more of my math textbooks (sarcasm), lol....