heaven key

2003-09-06 02:14:32 (UTC)

new job

i have not written in here in for freeking ever. so where
should i start? okay im turning 21 on monday woot! and ill
be sitting in class. boooooo. but i think that hte thrill
of just knowing that now i can be legally trashed at a club
will make up for my 3 hour class. oh! thats whats new. i
started class. i think i should also start writing my paper
thats due on monday. o crap o well. i also got a new job .
i start thursday and i will be working in the toddler room
at a new horizon .it should work out okay since i work with
my best friend there. we co teach in the toddler room !!
my favorite age group. so lets seeeeeeeee. nothing new to
write. all my past entries are much more amusing so if your
reading this and this and think that im a loser check out
a different entrie.