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2003-09-05 22:12:23 (UTC)

Many Trips

This morning I went to Junction City to do a bit more
grocery shopping and also made a stop at Hentze's to get
produce. I bought corn on the cob, green beans, cucumbers,
tomatoes and enough blackberries to bake a pie.

In the afternoon I went to Albany with Hugh so he could take
his placement tests. Another son in college. Now we have
three boys in college; the oldest has graduated. While he
was taking his tests I went into Albany and poked around the
fabric store. I bought some paper backed fusible webbing,
some embroidery floss, quilting needles, jingle bells for my
Santa ornaments, some silver cord for hangning ornaments,
and two fat quarters of red prints as well as a couple of
new quilt magazines.

After Hugh finished his tests he signed up for orientation
and registration for next Wednesday.

I've made a lunch to bring with us to Portland-- sandwiches,
chips, bananas, apple newtons, animal crackers, and assorted
sodas with straws, containers to put the soda in, napkins, a
wet washcloth in a ziploc bag and a hand towel. The soda
is in a cooler with plenty of ice as it is hot, hot, hot!

John should be home in about an hour (4 p.m.) and after he
takes a shower and changes clothes and has some coffee we'll
take off. We're taking a side trip through Corvallis to
drop off some stuff Gavin wants and to pick up my library
books, then back roads to Salem and later, the freeway to
Portland. Jack's plane is due in about 8:30 p.m. tonight.

It's been a long day and it's not over yet.