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2003-09-05 22:05:04 (UTC)

friday night bliss.... ruined by homework

sooo today has not been the best of days. well, up until
like 2 hours ago it was pretty stinky, but now its ok. soo
this morning started off badly, setting the tone for the
whole day. i was driving along happily to school when i
suddenly had this image flash through my brain of my
biology book with my homework in it sitting on the coffee
table in the living room. not a good thing, since that
homework was worth 50 points. so i just made myself a
little u-turn and went back and got it. now, since i leave
so early to begin with, this wasnt a problem and i would
have gotten back to school at about 7:15. but no, some
moronic student driver had to cause an accident right
outside the parking lot, causing a back up like all the way
to coalfield. so i sat in that... and sat, and sat. i got
to school and to my math class right before the bell rang,
but that didnt really matter because they were letting
people be late anyway cause of the accident. but still, it
wasnt a good start to the day. so then everything was ok
for awhile, basically the rest of the day was normal. even
though in biology i still forgot to bring in my 3 ince
binder and my goggles, but i didnt get in trouble for that
but it still made me feel stupid. so then after school i
got to talk to suleka for awhile, which was cool cause i
never see her anymore! and i never see pam either, which is
very sad, but i guess theres always lit mag.

but then, when i finally left at like 2:15, i went out to
the car like normal. but i was using my little remote
thingy to unlock the car and it definitely wasnt working.
so im thinking ok, maybe it needs a new battery or
something. so i go over and unlock the drivers door
manually. and then on the drivers door there is an unlock
button that unlocks all the doors so i pressed that, and
guess what. nothing happened. so still, im clueless,
thinking that theres just something wrong with the whole
locking thing. so then i go to turn the car on. nothing.
try again. nothing. absolute silence. it was scary. thats
when i noticed that the knob for the lights was turned to
on. and i seriously smacked myself in the forehead and was
oh my god i left my lights on and the battery is dead. i
was feeling very very stupid. so i called my daddy and he
came in the toyota and jumpstarted my car. but then i
noticed that there were three other cars in the parking lot
that were getting jumpstarts! mr overton was going around
helping them out... and i was like thats kinda weird i have
never seen anybody get jumpstarted in this parking lot
before and all the sudden there are 4 of us. but then the
weirder thing was.... i started to remember about this
morning. i remember getting out of the car and then hearing
the dinging noise that means i left something on, so i
reached in and turned off the lights! so how come they were
in the on position when i got to the car?!? and even
weirder... when we finally got my car started, the
windshield wipers were going! and i was like woah woah woah
here... it was not raining this morning, there was not a
cloud in the sky.. i did NOT even touch the windshield
wipers this morning. so anyway, i got home safely and all
that... but isnt that a little strange? functions on your
car being on that you know were turned off when you locked
it that morning? hmmmm....

so then i went to pick up elizabeth and brought her home so
my dad could watch her and then i went to visit mike at
chickfila. it was kinda busy so he had to go help some
customer like every 4 seconds, but i stayed for about 30
minutes and talked to him when he was free. it was fun. and
all the other cashiers were giving us weird looks... but i
just ignored that. so then i came home and started making
dinner, cause this was just 30 minutes ago! and now you're
all caught up! yay!

oh so about my title... i have to work 4-close (10:00)
tomorrow and 2-close (7:00) on sunday, so i think im gonna
hafta actually do some homework on my friday night! ahh
isnt that a scary though?!?

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