my so called life
2003-09-05 17:20:29 (UTC)

The lack of words

Sorry about not writing. I know I said I'd write and tell
you all about what happened during my trip to Rhodes and
stuff.. but I just don't feel like writing. I'll just tell
you in short terms what happened;
We had a wonderful week in Rhodes; lying in the sun,
swimming, shopping, going out for dinner and just basically
be very much in love. But Friday the 25th of July Ben's mom
called.. and ruined everything (not that I'm shooting the
messager or anything). Ben didn't get in to the school he
applied to. He got into the school he ranked second tho..
It was the same course, but there was one small problem..
the school is in Bergen, which is almost 800 miles from
Trondheim, where I live..
He accepted the place, and was on a waitinglist for the
school in Trondheim. He was on 4th place on the list, so
there was hope.. the second admission was Friday the 8th of
August, so for two weeks we didn't know what would happen
with our relationship. There was no way we could stay
together if he lived in Bergen and I in Trondheim.. for
five years! It was the two worst weeks of my life. I was so
shocked.. cause he had always told me that I meant
everything to him, and still he accepted the offer from the
university in Bergen. Well, anyhow, he was accepted in
Trondheim on the second admission, so everything's great
now. I am somewhat bothered by the fact that he would
actually leave me and move to Bergen.. I have never been so
sad my entire life. But.. I really love him, and I know
that he loves me.. so we're still together and happier than
ever.. I think. The last week in Rhodes was very hard tho,
having to pretend that everything was just fine.. cause
things were everything but fine!!!!

Well, other things.. I'm back at uni, and I have some heavy
courses this semester.. But hopefully I'll manage.. :) I'm
living with my friend Kristin, which is great.
My grandmother turns eighty in two weeks.. there'll be a
great party-thing, so I'm going home. It's also Ben's
birthday that weekend, which sucks.. but it's perhaps my
gran's last birthday, so I'm going home.. hopefully she'll
have many more, or.. I dunno.. I don't know what to think..
she's so sick, that it's in some ways better for her and my
grandad that she doesn't.. oh well.. don't wanna think
about that. The point was that hopefully I will spend a
houndred more of Ben's birthdays with him, so it won't be
that bad if I miss this one.. oh well..

I have partied a lot the last month. It's been fresher's
week and stuff, and I've been an auntie (in norwegian it's
called "fadder".. I know that the university in birmingham
call it aunties :))
It's been a lot of fun and the big admission test was this
Wednesday. It was a lot of fun not being one of the ones
taking the test this time!

I'm off to watch a norwegian soap opera with my roommate!
:D :D


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