Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-09-05 04:10:08 (UTC)

Days Go By...

Today was better than some days..i went to class this
morning and then went to breakfast with cheryl..i dont like
my elec comm class cuz every class we get a new project..we
have 3 at the same kinda sux..then i went to class
and i had my horrible lit class that is sooooo
boring..after that i went to lunch with kelly which was
pretty civil cuz i dont have to hang out with her as much
so she doesnt get on my nerves as much nemore..then me and
cheryl went to Hill Hollow with some people from the
equestrian team..we went to check out the stables and it is
really nice..the lady pat is im timid around
horses cuz im afraid they are gonna bite me but by the end
of the day i was kewl..i got to groom them like brush them
down and stuff and i learned a lot about the differences
btween english and western sooo anticipating
takin lessons soon..were gonna try and get a parking permit
cuz we can use the equestrian team as an excuse lol..later
on i just did my laundry and then i went to the union place
wit cheryl lauren kierstin and erin...we saw selina and
bethany there but i dunno i felt like selina was givin us
the cold shoulder..we havent really seen her since the frat
party last week..i dunno she never makes the effort so i
guess we dont im gonna go to be nite

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