The Nine Faces of Dave
2003-09-05 04:00:25 (UTC)

never has so much been said about so little

I just finished my linear algebra homework, so I'm allowing
myself the time to write more shit. I'm not sure why I feel
motivated to do this so often; I'm running out of things to
discuss. It reminds me of a quote about Warren G. Harding's
presidency: "Never has so much been said about so little."

So right now, Winamp is pumping out "Dare" by Stan Bush. I
first heard this song in "Transformers: The Movie," a 1980s
classic that was one of my favorites during my Transformers
period. The last time I saw that was a little less than two
years ago, after being bitten by the nostalgia bug. In all
honesty, it is a very good movie, despite looking like a kid
flick at first glance. There are a shitload of pop-culture
references, and Robert Stack does voicework. It's amazing.

My feelings about this movie force me to wonder about myself
and my cultural inclinations. Some would see it as immature
or even outright idiotic. On the other hand, those are very
likely the same people who condemn anime yet have little to
no experience with it because they refuse to watch cartoons,
and other people might see it as a very worthwhile pursuit,
especially given the emergence of animation as a respectable
medium in recent years.

The point is, I'm beginning to wonder where these interests
of mine fit in society. Have I happened across these hidden
gems of brilliance, and thus have some obligation to spread
the word? Or does it take a certain sort of person to truly
appreciate this stuff, and those people will gravitate to it
on their own?

It's a difficult question, and one that I've been unable to
answer thus far. Part of the problem lies in collecting the
appropriate data; it's very difficult to get people to even
sample the unfamiliar, and people who are already into these
sorts of things usually don't offer much new information.

So how do I answer the question? Who knows. Any voluntary
study would likely produce skewed results, depending on the
level of detail included in promotional materials. And it's
probably not the best approach to ask random people to come
by and watch 1980s cult classics.

Then again, I just saw people watching an episode of "Space
Ghost Coast to Coast," one of my favorites from when I used
to get cable TV. So maybe all is not lost; after all, Space
Ghost and Doctor Who have a lot of the same appeal.

Now I just have to hope there are some nice girls who might
enjoy both shows. Well, and I have to hope they're single.

This is Dave, signing off.