worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2003-09-05 03:24:39 (UTC)

Day of Discipline # 4

1) For wasting money buying clothes i didn’t need, my nipples will be punished.i kneel naked before you. i attach two tight clamps to my nipples and connectthem with a chain. i place the middle of the chain in your hand and bracemyself. Without warning you yank the chain away from me and rip the clamps offmy nipples. i try to suppress a scream. Eventually i recompose myself and reachfor the chain. i re-attach the clamps to my aching nipples and hand you thechain again. Five more times you rip off the clamps and i re-attach them. Eachtime the pain in my nipples becomes more and more unbearable. Six times totalfor each unnecessary purchase.

2) For being a pain in the ass at work i will suffer a true pain in my ass. ibend over with my legs spread, reach behind me and spread my ass cheeks wide.For 30 minutes you torture my asshole with the large butt-plug. Not lubed, youram it into my asshole and yank it out again. You twist it around and fuck myass repeatedly. You push it in just so the large knob is in the entrance to myass, stretching it wide. You hold it there while i cringe and try hard not tofall out of position. You pull it out and hold the very tip of it in theentrance to my ass making my hole twitch uncontrollably. Thirty minutes ofsuffering in my poor asshole before the punishment ends. i’m crying and beg fora break from the punishments. But they will continue, i know.

3) 45 pages of reading i didn’t do this week. 45 needles will be stuck into myflesh as a result. i hate needles but the lesson must be learned. i am tied in adoorway spread- eagle. You control the needles and my pain. One-by-one you pressthem into my flesh. They each must go in one full inch; that was the assignedpenalty – the penalty i created as a deterrent and now greatly regret. The bulkof them go into my fleshy ass and tits. Each one makes me squeal. The last sixare the worst. You put two needles each pushed entirely through my pussy lips.The final two you push excruciatingly through the center of my nipple. Tears rundown my face. i remain a standing pincushion for 30 minutes. You walk around metapping on the needles and causing even more pain before you slowly remove them.i learn this is equally painful. i’m trembling as the tortures continue.

4) My hands are tied behind my back. i am bent at the waist. A clamp is attachedto my clit and a string is pulled taut and tied to a wall behind me. You raisethe flogger and lash it across my ass. The jolt causes me to rock forward,yanking my clit painfully back. 35 lashes rain down on my ass. Each one causingme to tug on my clit. i’m sobbing freely as i suffer for my wrongs. The 35lashes and clit torment are punishment for masturbating without permission –seven lashes for the five illegal orgasms. My suffering is almost complete.

Last i must ask you what favor i can grant – what request/demand/wish/order youhave for me. i have a feeling you are in a cruel mood. It comes: i am to watch asix hour- long videotape of my past punishments. i must have a large vibrator upmy ass and set on high. i must sit in a chair with my legs apart and handscuffed behind me. You know that watching the tape will make me extremely arousedand with my hands cuffed i won’t be able to masturbate (only grind with the vibein my ass). Six hours i must watch the tape feeling uncontrollably aroused andhelpless. The catch is that when the tape ends i can uncuff my hands and removethe vibe from my still sore ass, but i am not allowed to touch myself or cum.Instead i take a 15-minute cold shower or hold an ice-cube to my clit for 8minutes. But for the entire week i am not allowed to orgasm. Punishment forfailure will be severe clit torture – involving quite a few needles. i feel myface go pale. You watch as i begin my session. You hand me the cuffs, the vibe,and the tape, then smile – you know i’ll never last the night, let alone theweek.