just a normal life
2003-09-04 19:25:33 (UTC)

the pigtail girls are back!

Well hey!

So man does school suck but for the first time i don't
have like a million things of homework to do tonight! I'm
excited! and we have our first cross country meet today! I
have to leave in like 45 mins so i got some time to kill
here! But the pigtail girls are back! Since ya know we
kinda suck at cross country we like to at least have
fun... and whats more fun than running in pigtails...
well... a lot of things really ... but ya know... its not
that easy to make running fun alright! so we try! Blah
blah hopefully i do better at this meet than i did at our
home thing!

So I kinda feel like i'm losing someof my best friends
right now... and Mandy talked to Erik about it
yesterday... and she was like i just feel like our
friendship is falling apart... and he was like well thats
cuz it is. And its like he doesn't even care... like all
the times that we've spent together and all the things
we've shared and all the things i know about erik or keith
or brian that no one else even knows... and the things
they know about me that no one else knows and just
everythng... its like he doesn't even care... like its
just a part of life to gain and lose friends... which i
know it is... but i just thought we were a litle more
important to him than to let it go without a fight. Cuz
these are the people that i thought i'd be friends
with ... forever basically! and not taht i'm giving up
hope... its just that they've found other girls who are
more like them i guess than we are and they really like
hanging with them

Which is totally cool cuz they are really nice and i like
em too... and i mean me and mandy and ju and kara and
laura have all had our own other friends from other towns
that we like to hang out with on occassion too... but
never people that we would want to replace our other
friends. But I don't think that all of the feel the way
erik does and maybe i'm totally wrong about how erik even
thinks about this whole thning. I don' tknow i'm just
kinda sad i guess. But i know it'll be fine and i think
there's too much history there for them to just forget
about us. Thats what i'm hoping anyway! So i do'nt know i
guess we'll see!

And stillllll no date to homecoming! lol gosh! and i was
sooo close to getting the hook up for Laine and Eric...
but Eric's friend James was gonna ask Laine so he was like
well i can't ask her now cuz james wants to! i was like
nooo and she was like nooo... and so blah thats a bunch of
junk... but it'll be okay cuz james and eric will probly
go together ya know so laine will be with eric too... i
do'nt know... but i really want to go this year but i
don't think its gonna happen!
Erik Vogel was like.. you should take me to your
homecoming... i was like ummm... cuz I mean i was kinda
thinking ya know... well if I didn't have anyone else to
go with I could always go with Erik... but then Kara was
taking about how she might just ask him to go with her
because she knows he would... andi don't know i think that
erik just like plays everyone i don't even understand... i
mean i wouldn't like fall for it cuz i've gone out withim
once and i've been friends with him for long enough to
know how he is and what he does

but its just like he still tells me how he regrets
breaking up with me and he said he told kara that he
regreted breaking up with me. But he also told kara that
she was part of the reason that he broke up with
Ashton...wait a BIG part of why he broke up with ashton...
and i was like well wouldn't u rather go with kara? and he
was like no out of everyone i would most want to go with
you. and so i was just like oh boy.. so i just mad eup and
excuse and i don't know what i'm gonna do aobut that... i
guess if everyone else has a date and i still need one i
would go with erik definately cuz we're good friends and i
love hanging out with him... but as of right now none of
my other girls are goin so i might as well just not go
either! lol okay so i'm done now


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