It smells like poop over here
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2003-09-04 06:27:52 (UTC)

i'm trying to forget that...

...i'm addicted to you, but i want it, and i need it...im
addicted to you." fuck you simple plan.
so lauren came by, things were fine, i was distant, but
i came around i suppose. she made me walk her out, i
didn't want to look her in the face, so i kept peering
off. she tried to act like nothing was up, or she jsut
didn't know. she caught on. "what's wrong" she
asked...once. "nothing" "you don't notice anything
different?" "no" (lying my ass off, i didn't wanna talk
about this on the stoop of the apartment
building) "we're...distant." what is my problem? what
don't i want to talk about?
i just want her to care about me. ask me how my day
was, what did i do, who was around...ask specifics. i give
her one word answers and she just accepts it.....so i
guess it is partly my fault. every so often, once in a
great while, she'll ask something like that. "how was your
day off?" "fine." that's it...that's something you say to
your parents. i...i just want to to care, and i don't
think she does.
if one wants to know an answer, he or she will ask a
question. if one has something to say, he or she will
speak. if in a relationship, one does not ask questions
because he or she feels their partner will speak freely,
but his or her partner prefers to be modest, and waits to
be asked a question before speaking. one partner speaks
freely, and his or her mate does not have to ask
questions, knowing that his or her partner will share
their feelings. what the fuck?


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