Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2003-09-04 03:38:07 (UTC)

Rain Rain Go Away

Today was just full of rain..i got up pretty late cuz it
was so shitty i didnt wanna move..classes were ok cuz they
ended early..around ll and i TRIED to go to sleep but then
christine came and then cheryl called and it was a big then i went to the poster sale..big mistake i
bought 60 dollers worth of posters...but not all for
then i went to the gym with christine..i like havin someone
to go to the gym with its like the old days with cindy who
tried to whip me into shape after that i did my
homework but failed so we went to dinner me kelly and
chrisitne and then i once again attempted homework..i dunno
im in a better mood when im not just around kelly and she
notices but shes like ur always in a good mood when u have
sugar...i like knowing that i have a freind cuz all my
other friends went and made freinds at school and i feel
like a complete loser cuz i made like 2 friends and ive
been here longer than all of them...i also decided that the
more i talk to my friends like online or on the phone the
more friendsick i not homesick just friendsick cuz
i miss havin fun with my friends and just not
worrying..yesterday i forgot to write but it was sooo
weird..amanda garrestson imed me and was like u GOTTA help
me out about some mystery thingy lol..i felt needed
haha..and i went to equestrian team meetin wit cheryl and
christine..i dont think christine is gonna do it b/c she
wasnt feelin it lol...but i wanna and i think cheryl does
too..its expensive tho like 360 bucks but my parents said
we could do this semester i think im gonna just
take lessons cuz i always wanted lessons then i will kick
butt when we go ridin cindy newayz i just
kinda chilled in the room the rest of the nite and it was
pretty uneventful UNTIL cindy imed me and wanted to see my
room..and she can cuz i have a camera thing my dad sent i sent her and she saw my room but then she wanted
me to send it to that kid dan she met so i did but it was
wierd cuz i dont kno this kid and he was like lookin at me i gave them the tour and i stopped at a pic of
cindy and he imed me like go bak haah she has him whipped
already and then i showed a pic of cindy and ryan hoyt from
project grad and i KNOW that cindy enjoyed that..ok well i
gotta get some Z's...nite nite