Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-09-04 00:53:41 (UTC)

the haps

I haven't been writing songs like I would like to so I
decided I would find the answer. I like the simplicity of
the music I used to write, the inocence and such but also
like the technique I use now. So I hope to fuse the 2
together. And I determined the best way to do that is to
listen to the music I grew up on and inspired me to write
in the 1st place. And hen maybe I would begin to almost
start all over. So this week I have basically been
listening to classical music, oldies, and basically any
band I look up to. I'll let you know what happens.

So I have one more month before my band and I leaves and I
wanted to let everyone that reads my journal to know what
is coming up. Because I want to see everyone before i go.
So please contact me. And please come to these functions.
weekend of the 12th-yeard sale at my house (if you have
anything to donate please contact me and let me know)
27th-the last 2 pacifico shows in GA for a while Fallquest
and Hardrock
3rd-"Pacifico going away party" contact me if you are

please pray for me and the band
God Bless,