The Nine Faces of Dave
2003-09-04 00:19:46 (UTC)

getting scared again

So I'm already writing entries two days in a row, which is a
bad sign. This thing is a good quality-of-life measurement;
the more depressed I am, the more I write in it.

Second day of classes today, and I'm following it up with a
big dose of music, including a lot of 80s tunes. Stan Bush
and Men Without Hats are good listening at the end of a long
day, to say nothing of Soft Cell.

I'm currently debating whether to drop Intro to Probability
and take the CS upper-level writing course. I have to take
the other CS course at some point anyway, and it might be a
good idea to get it out of the way. Not to say Probability
has been a bad course so far (one day), but given how the CS
curriculum is structured here, I may want to get the writing
out of the way now rather than later. And of course, these
classes are in the exact same time slot.

Of course, if I stick with it, I can get a math minor in two
more courses, which is pretty sweet. We shall see how it's
all going to come down. I'm even closing in on minoring in
art; if I stick with my intro to 3D course, I could minor in
another four courses. But we shall see.

I have decided on a course of action if I should drop out of
society. I think I'll go to work in either a comics shop or
a record store, and maybe try to open my own. It's probably
the fastest way to abandon contemporary society.

I don't know why I'm worried. Nothing's really happening as
of yet, so it's not like I'm swamped with work. Who knows,
maybe it's just the mounting frustration coming back again,
striking while my defenses are weakened by bad food and the
severe lack of protein around here. Maybe the campus store
will order some tofu or brewer's yeast for me.

This is Dave, signing off.