The Trials and Tribulations of Gay Me
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2003-09-03 21:54:31 (UTC)

Another boring day....

(Most of these journal things have a lil outline for every
entry....but I had to get a free one so I'll just make an
outline myself. ;/)

Mood: -.-; *Blah*

Music: Besides my techno stuff...that Ayumi Hamasaki song
Kuro made me get is good..."Still Alone" (heh, I find the
title ironic considering my current situation..)

God damn Raven. -.-; He won't shut up. I had typed almost
a full page of shit when I accidently closed the window.
. God dammit. Anyways..I'll still attempt to do an entry
while Raven continues to annoy the fuck out of me... Hmm.

Today was okay, I'd say right now I'm really tired though.
Watched the Kaworu section of Death and me
in my blah mood. Once I find the NGE eps with Kaworu in
them I'll have to start writing the yaoi Mina wants. XD
Lol, I'm still blaming it on her even though I've always
wanted to write a ficcie.

Ah..I think he's finally leaving...:

Heero`Yuy: dosent want to talk to anyone right now -_-;
oh ya and tell Kaworu the "Special" cuboard is refilled so
later when my parents leave its time for me to have a
special drink while watching a cool movie *cough Cough*
good ole jack XD
Heero`Yuy: dosent want to talk to anyone right now -_-;
she'll know what I mean XD
Heero`Yuy: dosent want to talk to anyone right now -_-;
oh hell might aswell tell you o_O; the other day after the
whole blocklist shit I decided not to try to fix my
computer any more so I went to get wasted and all the
booze was gone except some chocolate bottles with irish
whiskey in them LOL
Heero`Yuy: dosent want to talk to anyone right now -_-;
but they put in jack daniels today so HAPPY TIME
Heero`Yuy: dosent want to talk to anyone right now -_-;
Nuriko says:
Heero`Yuy: dosent want to talk to anyone right now -_-;
Heero`Yuy: dosent want to talk to anyone right now -_-;
anyways since Im obviously bugging you Ill leave ya be if
ya want okay?
Nuriko says:

Wow, he got a bit of a hint right there. I'm amazed it got
through his thick skull. =/ I felt it necessary to paste
that since it's harder to just put it in my own words...
Heh, I guess I really do like him. A lot, as a matter of
fact. After the other night with him saying I was off the
list and then just going on...I'll admit I was hurt. I
guess since I'm off his I'm just force myself to take him
off mine. I guess I have a lot more to say than I thought
I did. Anyways, I suppose I'll paste my "list" since it's
rather important. o_o;

Hmm...I'll just seperate it into an IRL list and an IRC
list..that'll make things less confusing.


First Place: MATT JONES!


Third Place: Chris..dunno his last name. I dunno, I
actually talk to this guy, and he's cute. XD Plus he
worries about his hair as much as I worry about mine so
that's kinda a hint. . .


First Place: Vegetto. lol, I really like this guy. I would
be going out with him if only Mina wouldn't of got that
email from Brent.... I might just go ahead and be with
him instead of waiting...I'm so sick of waiting...

Second Place: Kamui!! ;X Lol, not sure why he's on there,
but he's kinda weird...and that's cute. Plus he likes
Kaworu from NGE. YES!! KAWORU IS GOD!

Third Place: Raven. -_-; This hopefully won't last much
longer since I'm sick of getting all moody over what he
did the other night. Either he apologizes, or his ass is
off of my list...

I suppose that's about all. Haven't watched any anime at
all the past few days. My comp is getting swamped with
Love Hina, Fruits Basket, the last few Fushigi Yuugi eps,
and Gundam Wing. x_x And how could I forget...Azumanga
Daioh! Lol, I need to watch some of that stuff.

Earlier I read a story Mina had to write for one of her
classes. Even though it was short, I'd have to admit it
was a good yaoi-ish thing. ;x LoL, no secks, but the love
story part of it was really good...

Haven't talked to Kuro yet today. It really sucks about
different time zones and stuff....I wish she'd hurry up
and get on, not many of my friends are on right now. .
Now that school's started I don't see people as much I
used to. Damn education. Anyways, can't wait to see my
secksay "insane hooker". ;x

I guess I need to shut up, this entry is too damn long. I
guess I'll either write more later...or maybe tomorrow.
Depends on how bored I am.

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