The void
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2003-09-03 20:14:10 (UTC)

why am i always bored?!

i'm always so bored, am beginning to think it's a condition
that theres no cure for *shocked look*
i'm tlking to sinead, Rob's g/f. she's great! really nice
girl.and also mazzy...hmm..yes the hell did i
get sucked into her web of lies?! thought i was more
intellegent than that. well to be honest the last few weeks
have prooved that i'm not very intellegent at all! i was saying,i actually DID believe for like a
SECOND that i could like maz like that, but we are better
as mates. what the hell was i playing at
having 'relationships' over the internet?!how SAD is that?
regardless of weather i was seeing people in real life it's
still kinda fucked up that i was 'seeing' ppl i couldn't
see!i hope iv'e grown up a bit now, although u never know
with me!!!