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2003-09-03 17:17:35 (UTC)

oops, missed an august update...

oops, missed an august update. oh well.
not much has happened- i'm still in school, in my second
quarter now. A bit of an ego booster was one of my
teachers saying i was very advanced for my class. 's
because i know michael 's all. i tend to pick up on what
he does to me (much like how he learns too apparently)
whenever i get a massage. *shrugs* it works, i'll learn it
eventually anyway.
November is the next test- going to green. last test was
another perfect- i got to sparr mr. tim's son and miss
debbie. i'm a bit annoyed becuase i think i was
underestimated by mr. tim's son (i so can't remember his
name right now...sorry! ^_^;;) and i hate that feeling. I
want to sparr him again so i get my ass kicked like i
rightfully should. ... wow i'm strange...
the 15th is my first team sawyer event- 19th after that (i
think) i'm doing one before the 19th because i want to
have *something* under my belt before i go with a bunch of
4th quarter students. i hate being left in the dark, what
can i say?
my kitty ran away to bloomington, he's coming back this
weekend, but still... 's not fair T_T I already told him
he'd better not come back with fleas. (he had no idea what
to say to that ^.^)
i've also experienced a lot these past few months but
that's a story i'm not getting into. at least it doesn't
hurt anymore.
i've got to go around and pull down my personal ad-
thingies- the nudist one is starting to bother me.
something about a bunch of different people with the same
name msging me gives me the creeps.
big thanks to fel and kate for sending me that ducks video
link *GLOMP* I LUV OO SWEETNESSES!! ^___________^
last but not least- KANARAK. i'm letting ty continue
wandering and bringing in Jade instead. she's going to be
so much more fun. a neutral evil dark half-elf
cleric/rogue. as soon as i level up that's what i'm dual
classing to. michael is starting something among the
thieves (5 if keith's a rogue too) and it's going to be a
blast. i've been stocking up on stuff to make - ie
scrolls/potions/toxins (when i go to rogue) and i'm going
to sell the scrolls ONLY. nobody but dave and the thieves
are going to know that i'm the source for all the poisons
floating around KANARAK. mwahahaha...
well i'm going to get munchies now. i'll prolly update
again at the end of the month to get things back on track.
depends on how much goes on in my life.

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