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2003-09-03 15:09:25 (UTC)

you and me and everyone, throwing fire at the sun

now i feel lazy. i was up super late and so i just woke
up. some asshole had to call me NINE times. i know i
should go look for a job. but i really dont want to go
with him. not now. he cant just call me up and say "come
on and paint with me" "Come over and scrapbook" "you can
sleep here with me" and have me forget what a penis he is.
damn it now its late and i wanted to go by that store and
say hi but now its too late and who cares im a loser.. im a
loser who was a bitch... i read it all over last night, 20
pages.. i make myself sick. because i knew i cared about
her. and if i read mine next to hers at the same times.
ah well. guess i'll go find a job.

"so go ahead and have a taste of your own medicine, and
i'll have a taste of mine. but first, lets toast to the
lists that we hold in our fists of the things that we
promised to do differently next time."

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