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2003-09-03 14:32:47 (UTC)

Another Plan Gone Awry

I had planned on having John fill the low tire using his air
compressor when he came home from work and then driving to
Junction City to get it repaired but we decided instead to
make a trip to Corvallis.

It took over an hour to repair the flat as they were very
busy but they didn't charge us anything. We went to the
library where I paid a hefty fine of $3.50 for some over-due
books and picked up my holds; there weren't many. Then a
trip to recyclers, a stop at Safeway for groceries and
another to pick up a take-and-bake pizza. We didn't eat
until 8 p.m. by which time we were all famished. After
unloading the groceries, cleanup up and starting the
dishwasher I collapsed in bed. Of course, that meant I was
up at 4:30 a.m. this morning but at least it gave a good
start to the day (except I'll probably collapse after my
trip to Albany and Corvallis).

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