Joronas Temnra

2003-09-03 14:03:32 (UTC)

a long time..

Ages since I've written more than a page of anything.. still
not as long as since I've written any thoughts or feelings.

Have I even had any? It doesn't feel like it.. Do I even
have a past?

I feel alone, shadowy, unreal. I feel as though I do not
exist, and yet am trapped in existance, a shadow of a
thought upon the world.

I feel proud of who I am, and yet I wish that I could be
more, so that someone else might be proud of me.

I feel the demons who hide within, and the scars torn into
souls by them, but when I touch them they fade. Were they
real, or just another illusion?

I speak true words, but the listeners hear illusions and

I speak of illusions and lies, and the listeners take the
masks to heart.

I speak of the darkness, and I am dragged unwilling into the

I think of hope, and yet I do not know how anymore.

I think of love, and yet I am forgotten in the face of life.