purple star

Never once spoken
2003-09-03 06:49:14 (UTC)


i see a place that could have been.
so afraid of why its not.

i cant write. ahhhhhhhh. my mind has been overactive
lately. its weird. and i cant piece together my
thoughts. oh crazy love i really like this song.

as the wind blows around them it changes their minds. the
summer sun is setting to reveal darker days. the color, it
draws them there. the smell is sweeter than a rose. draw
in a breath through clenched teeth. you can taste it.
youth is burning. an alcoholic tense is taking over,
fueling the fire that betrays innocence. the innocence
could once be seen in her eyes. it has long since passed.
it was ripped away with a letter. and a reply. and a
night. two paths present themselves. she chooses and
walks down somnambulant. her whole life has been spent
this way. its time to wake them up.