The crazy world of me
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2003-09-03 06:20:54 (UTC)

its been oh so long

So a lot has been going on since I last worte. When i got
back from vacation lets say a month ago the first thing I
did was go see Ricky whom I missed oh so much. Anyway.
That night he told me that he loved me which was totally
unexpected. I was so shocked. It was something I wanted
to hear but doubted I ever would. So thats a good thing
and all.
But, you had to know this was coming. Things were
perfect between the two of us. You know a good thing can
only last so long though i guess. So he had to go away to
Iowa for college. I was very heart broken but when I saw
him the last time before he left I cried for a second then
I just realized things were going to be okay. They were
and all but its just so difficult now. I am having all
these mixed emotions and it is driving me crazy.
I kind of wished he would of never told me that he loved
me because it would be so much easier. i have all bad
thoughts run through my head about whats really going on.
I really want to trust him but for some reason I can't.
What is that shit about. So i am trying to get shit
figured out to be able to go see him some time this weekend
but things aren't looking so good. i have to go i will
explain more another time.

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