2003-09-03 06:07:28 (UTC)

Summer is over but that's ok

Summer's basically over now, school starts again next week
but at least there's some good news. Things with Steve
appear as if they are working out. Which is so great! He is
the greatest guy and the fact that things seem like they
are going to work is just wonderful. Steve and I started
going out on August 10th about a week after he finally got
up the nerve to do something about the fact that he liked
me. I knew for a long time but I guess he didn't know that
I did. One day we were hanging out after my soccer game and
we went out to his friend's house which was kind of fun...
then when I dropped him off he said "I'm gonna do
something" and then he kissed me.. it was pretty cool. At
the time I was still like, I think this is good but I'm not
sure ... but things definitely look pretty good. My family
seems to really like him and I met his family tonight, and
they're pretty fun too. I went for supper and it wasn't as
stressful as I thought it might have been. So I dunno
that's pretty good news I guess. Though Quinn and Dustin
have already broken up and that pretty much sucks cuz I
think she hurt Dustin quite badly. So I guess it's not all
good news but this is better than I figured things would be
going so I guess that at least is a victory. I have to work
tomorrow at the UNA again which will be interesting. It's
been so long since I've been there, I don't know what to do
anymore. I guess I should look at my class schedule to try
to work out my hours and stuff. Yuck. I should go to bed
more than anything... but there's so much stuff to do. If I
hadn't stayed at Steve's till 12:15 tonight it woulda been
a smart idea but I was having fun there. I can get him to
be pretty giddy with me sometimes. This was one of those
times. It was great. He calls me Kris which none of my
other two bfs have picked up on before... it's pretty cute.
And he calls me Girlie. I'm not used to having affectionate
nicknames. It makes me pretty giggly. Hehehe. I'm such a
loser. Anyways I should go to bed. It's late. :P