Cosmic Rain
Ad 2:
2003-09-03 05:41:40 (UTC)

Tis spring

I saw the new Ikea ad last night and I must say I was
scared. Very scared. No wonder I didn't sleep a single
wink. I think Vicki has given up her day job and gone into
advertising, that's just how lame it was.

Speaking of lame this stupid cold virus is driving me
troppo. I can't smell, I can't taste, I can't hear
properly, I can't sleep, my voice oh my voice, all my car
accident injuries ache, my stomach is screwed, I got my
period, an old pain in the arse from last year sparked up
cause of the tummy troubles, I pulled both my calf muscles
for no reason? But other than that I'm chirpy as :)

And it's Spring and my nephew is being born tomorrow, so
there is lots to smile about. :)