2003-09-03 04:58:31 (UTC)

you know that dream where your feet wont move..

and you wana cum but your body wont let you
he fucks up the beauty

hmm. havent listened to this one in awhile. whats wrong
with me? what am i trying to say? that cant be said in 10
entries. i dont feel alive today. i feel very numb.

for the first time i think he feels what a bitch i can be.
im just not interested.

i want to go see nicole blackman's new thing so bad. she's
doing this "Stories" thing, where you pay $20 for an
individual story, she blind folds you and tells you a
story and its just you and her. I WANT IT SO BAD. shes so
fucking amazing.

ugh. well shes not talking to me.. so i'm guna go smoke

i dont want to wait. i dont want to think about it. i
just want.