2003-09-03 03:41:00 (UTC)

too much inside

i cant fucking get it all out with all the paint and ink
and bleeding in the world

never exactly sure what im doing or why
and even what i know may not be true
i may not know the truth, but i know the lies by heart

and i can still close my eyes and see the beauty inside.
digging myself another hole to find my way out of

the kind of day that makes you want to die,
too far away to be dreaming of me
the kind of day where you cant remember the stars

but remember that the stars glow brightest without moonlight
at their most beautiful in the terrifying black of night

i want to show you all of my secrets
-with a cigarette in one hand as the blood drips down my leg

show you how much more there is to me
introduce you to the girl inside
in the hopes that you could love her and set her free.

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