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2003-09-03 02:50:45 (UTC)

turned at twenty,

she'll break into bits of star
and throw herself against the sky.

i was reading some nicole blackman. and i freaked out.
what if i really dont live to 20? what if i have been
right all this time and i only have less than 2 months to
live? what if i die knowing that i didnt do the right
things and i wasnt everything i can be?

what if i write NINE entries today instead of EIGHT. jesus

my developmental psych teacher was telling us about this 6
year old boy at the labor day bbq he was at. he said
something to the boy about girls having cooties. and the
boy - 6 years old - said "yeah they have cooties and
cooters." thats just great.

anyway i love this girl. i want all her books.

Everyone knows you are far too far too transparent
to hide away such a wanting.
Now whom is needed,
and whom is needful?

You are older than I, but you hand your small self over
a bird nestling into my hand.
" I am broken, I am broken "
you say as I stroke you to sleep.

No, I won't tell them.
No, I won't share you.

I am killing myself trying not to care.

You are younger than your years and I am older than mine.
Some midnight I will meet you in the midst
and cross your palm with my mouth.

I have done my best to steer you away
now I swim in blame and sleep in fear
When we go public, my china bird
I'l let you tell the story.

When you hurt me
I won't let it show.