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2003-09-02 23:36:15 (UTC)

geez ive really been slacking off on journals lately...

soooooooo school. what can i say. i didnt really have very
high expectations for this year. but, as first days go,
this one wasnt too bad.

so our math class has 5 people. me, medha, theresa, andy,
and david. it was pretty funny this morning when we all
realized that we were it. i cant decide yet though if its
gonna be really fun and exciting or totally boring and
gross. it could go either way with only 5 people, really.

so then second was english. mrs nevins seems ok, she didnt
make the class seem like totally exciting or anything, but
i suppose every class cant be like melillo's was last year.
we only have 10 people in that class, and i think it would
probably be pretty boring if not for nowell. man, i love
nowell... i missed that guy. he's the funniest thing... of
course, we have to write this metaphor thing about
ourselves and i still have no idea what im gonna write...

so then 4th was chorus, and we had A lunch, which was just
me and medha and theresa, we couldnt find anyone else cool.
chorus was ok, not any different from the past years. i
just mainly talked to medha and nicole (sophmore) and my
other friend from chorus last year a little bit. oh, and
theres this guy josh gibson, he was in my gym class
freshman year, and hes in my chorus class this year. we
were pretty friendly in 9th grade, but then he turned into
a jerk, so today in chorus when he heard mrs graham call my
name on roll and he turned around and said hi to me, i felt
special that he was acknowledging that he knew me.

so 6th was history. there were about 15 people in that
class... lets see if i can name them all. just so i can
feel special. there's me, jennifer w, bryan, andrew
saylor, jennifer barlow, jessica, colin, laura myers,
medha, laura shepherd, kathryn, theresa, rachel, caitlin...
and im missing someone. oh well they must not be very

haha ok so after school i didnt wanna go out to the parking
lot right away cause it was all crazy and i didnt wanna hit
anyone... so i was just meandering in the hall by the front
office talking to people, and mr melillo starts walking by
the other way. so i point at him when hes still a couple
feet away, and he points back, at the keys in my hand. and
he comes up to me with this totally incredulous look, and
hes like "they let YOU have a drivers license?" haha it was
the funniest thing cause he said it so seriously... so we
stand there in the halls talking for awhile, just about my
summer and stuff. i told him about workcamp and he was like
good now you can come fix up my house. and we talked about
my classes... he was commiserating with me about having mrs
hatcher twice in a row... so i was like its not that i hate
mrs hatcher, but having anyone twice in a row is kinda
gross, even if i had you twice in a row it'd be weird...
and he starts laughing and is like haha yeah right you
would be begging to have me twice in a row, we would have
so much fun! so that was cool... oh yeah and i mentioned
why i was still there and why i didnt want to go out to the
parking lot, and he took it the wrong way, he was all "are
you AFRAID of the parking lots?" and he's patting my
shoulder and laughing and saying "do we need to find you
some help?".... it was funny. so then we started walking
down the hall (of course with every 2 seconds some melillo
fan stopping him to talk or say hi or whatever) and talked
about more stuff, like my sisters and softball and my job,
which he said he was gonna come visit me at, and oh yeah i
remember what else. i told him he should stick around til
after we graduate, and he asked me why he would want to do
that. so i was like because this way ill NEVER get to see
in the halls or anything my senior year! and he wa like
dont say never.. and i said "youll be in FLORIDA, how could
i ever see you?" and hes like well things can happen... and
ill always just be an email away... it was cool. it just
totally like made my week.

anyway, gotta go do some history homework...