Wo ist Amanda?
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2003-09-02 22:49:42 (UTC)

one small jump for me, one big jump for people like me!

Today I read my poem about myself in front of 30 or so
extremely talented poets. I was nervous, to say the
least! I almost chickened out again! But, my shitty
three day weekend gave me that "I don't give a shit"
attitude today. And it went wonderful! I was so happy
that everyone clapped for me...and I felt better
afterwards! I still think my poems are sort of juvenile,
therefore not quite as good as most other poems I hear
in my class. Anyways, my weekend started off with a
little kick in the face by my ex when I saw him with his
new girlfriend, listening to OUR song...yeah, he even
SANG it to her! So, I felt like shit. Then, I babysat for my
nephew....6 hours of non-stop crying....didn't get paid a
cent. Oh well, I was doing my brother a pays to
be nice, I guess. Then, the whole weekend, I didn't get
any mail from Rick or my friend in the Army, Chris. So, I
was sad. I ended up sitting there on my fat ass and
thinking of what people in my life I know in my heart I
can truly count on, no matter what. Suehei, her mom,
my sister, and that's it. Damn, that sucks. I mean, I try
and I try to be the best friend I can be...and everyone
notices. But, nobody sees that maybe I might need
someone unconditionally there for me also! Nope, no
best friends. Overrated?