2003-09-02 22:24:35 (UTC)

Best Laid Plans

I had planned on going to both Albany and Corvallis today to
take care of some errands but when I was at the post office
a kind neighbor warned me that I had a tire going flat. I
was glad I found this out when I was only a couple of blocks
from home.

I also got an e-mail from Karen who told me that Linda (our
choir director) was feeling ill and that tonight's choir
practice had been cancelled.

Well, that left just the regular stuff for today (except
getting the flat tired fixed). I worked a bit on Christmas
ornaments (the Santa ones) for the bazaar and I think I've
got it figured out how I want to make them. I did laundry
and made the bed and had a very long phone conversation with
Aimee. She's so upset with what's going in the school
district she paid over $350 to have a very long letter to
editor published in our local newspaper. I guess it isn't
too surprising she's upset; her husband is the school board
chairman this year. All I can say about this mess is that
I'm glad I no longer have any children in school.

Now I'm looking at doing all these chores and errands
tomorrow. I'm not exactly looking forward to doing them but
there's no one else to do them so I'm it.