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2003-09-02 20:58:23 (UTC)

I love Wicca...

I love being a witch. Yesterday I got up and I was like,
no, I'm sick of this. I'm sick of not having a job. So I
get on the internet and research some sites. Mainly the
vampyress site. She had quite a few but I mainly took to
the one where you have to wear all green and do everything
all green for the whole day. So I automatically changed and
did everything green that I could. So the next day I wake
up, go to the Polish Embassy with my dad, go to sleep, wake
up, to Sex on the Beaches call. We'll probably hang
tonight, so I figure I should look for a job. I put all of
my negative emotions in a blue water baloon, and blew it up
with the green pen I carried around around my money all of

I go out. I knew one place that had a help wanted sign.
This pizza place by the rental store. I knew I'm not gonna
get that. I applied anyway. I was going over to Bakers
Square when I stopped by Frankfurts. This guy opened the
door for me. (I'm wearing my long white slit skirt, tube
tank, fave black 3/4 shirt, and lace choker/ bracelets.) I
fill out the application and turn it in along with my
resume. The manager was right there. He said that there was
some guy who let him down. He didn't come in for this whole
weekend when he said he would. Didn't call or anything. So
he was gonna fire him. Nice guy too. I start tomorrow at
11:00 -5:00 and get paid 6 dollars and hour. It's grand.
I love being a witch.

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