2003-09-02 14:27:28 (UTC)

Another Catch Up Post

John's beginning his second week at his regular day job
today. Last Monday he came home at 4p.m. but Tuesday it was
6:00p.m., Wednesday it was 7:30p.m. and Thursday 6:30p.m.
He was home at 4p.m. on Friday which was good as that became
our day to go to Albany and Corvallis. We didn't get home
until 9p.m. and ate dinner at Ping's. We were out and about
again, bright and early on Saturday, this time a trip to
Eugene. There are advantages to the revolving shifts and
one is being able to go shopping during the day.

Pastor Ruth has asked me to think of how we can decorate the
church for Advent and I already have some ideas to share
with her that I hope she'll like. My idea for Christmas
baskets for shut-ins went over very well with both her and
the administrative council so there's another Christmas
project I'll be involved in. It's lovely to have so many
things to anticipate!

NOTE: I've updated the 2003 Books Read entry to include
books I read in August.