Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-09-02 13:32:11 (UTC)


2nd- Saturday went to work, nothing unusual. It was
Rupesh's Birthday and we were to go clubbing up London. We
met in Welling at the Turnpike, some shit pub thats so dry
it made the Sahara look like a men's changing room. Anyway
we had like a few drinks then we went to Welling Station to
go to London. We then went to Shaftsbury Avenue to a
club/bar called "The Walkabout". First thing we noticed
about it that the people that went were so much older than
us. We went in paid our £6 and then went to get some
drinks. The place was so crowded, you had no place to dance
and if you did you would have been burnt by someone's
cigarette, or would have been crushed. There were 2 rooms
and 3 bars. The first one was just too crowded and played
Pop music. Above that was another bar that was looking down
on the first room. There was a spiral staircase leading
down to the second room. It had dancey/poppy music which
was great. Me and Ryan were mostly down there and the rest
were elsewhere. We danced quite a bit and it was great.
Shame that we had to avoid stepping on people glasses,
bottles and anything that you wouldn't give anyone whos
either drunk or wreckless. Everyone made there way down
there eventually, I didn't drink anything but water, but
then again thats me. After a while the music downstairs
turned to house, and I wasn't really in the mood anymore.
Around 1am I was feeling really tired and my feet were
totally aching. I decided to call it night and leave,
didn't really say goodbye to anyone. Getting out felt good,
fresh air etc, took a walk to Old Compton Street then made
my way towards Trafalgar Square and then home. Got home
around 3 and went straight to bed.
Overall it was good to see everyone but thing is that the
club was rubbish, I hope Rupesh had a good time, such a
nice guy, only deserves the best.

14th- Went uptown because I was basically bored. I went to
Lewisham station then to Canary Wharf. Went there had a
look around and was basically looking for anything
interesting. It was very busy and very fast paced, I guess
for the high earners and city stoppers. I then took the
underground there all the way Waterloo then walked there to
Central London. Went around for a bit, looked around then
went to Old Compton Street. Went into G-A-Y Bar and saw
someone who I never seen for a good few months and not
someone I would have expected to see. A guy name Matthew
Strickland was there and his boyfriend who I seen before
while I was in college. I used to have accounting lessons
in college with Matt, but never had any idea he was gay.
Still I chatted to him and asked about him and how I never
knew he was. He was kinda shocked to see me here as well
and was talking about how many people knew. He had a few
drinks and then said he was going to go clubbing at G-A-Y.
I said I'll meet him there and phone my friend Baz if he
wanted to meet up. Baz came around 8ish and we spoke for a
bit. He was telling me how he fell out with Dan etc. (none
of my business really) and whats been going on with his
life. We only stayed there for an hour then we went our
seperate ways, I later went clubbing and went home early.

17th- My best mate Deren invited me to a BBQ. He planned
this for at least 3 weeks now and was excited it happened
today. Kayan, Daniel, Jaime, his sister Aisha and a few of
her friends turned were there when I came. I was preparing
some pasta that Deren liked at my birthday and Daniel and
Jaime was preparing the BBQ. Good to see Kayan again, she
was a bit down that day because of personal problems, poor
girl. We all had a good time and we seem to cheer eachother
up. There were 3 other people Katie and Barney and their
friend (whos name I can't remember). They left early,
didn't really talk to anyone and didn't say goodbye. I was
being really funny with Aisha, just basically took the piss
and a laugh (Aww bless shes lovely). Del was putting on his
music and just bopping to it and me and Daniel just
basically took the piss out of eachother. It was good, I'm
glad I didn't miss it. The party died when Daniel Bland
came over, a person I knew in college and just didn't like.
Everyone was smoking and drinking, I drank a bit and went
home. Had a good time, good to see Deren, he always
brightens up my day.

21st- Went to a club called the Ghetto, around the corner
from G-A-Y. Met Dan, Ben and his friend Andy. Baz was there
but he still wasn't getting along with Dan, said hi to him
and talked for a bit. The music there was a mash up of
everything, from pop, to electro pop, rock, rnb etc.
They were serving free shots for a bit and then the music
started. I wasn't really feeling the music so I went to G-A-
Y for a bit and danced up on the stage to get me going for
the night, and was going in between the 2 clubs staying
like intervals of like 15 minutes. I eventually stayed in
the Ghetto, spoke to everyone and had a good time. Baz was
a bit upset that night and was bitching to everyone, but it
wasn't any of my concern. Good to see Ben, he always up for
a laugh, a nice guy as well.

23rd- Went to work and then bought Amy her presents. It was
her Birthday and she invited me to a BBQ. Went home and got
ready. Ryan came with me because everyone was either
working or off somewhere else. Came to Amy's around 6pm and
then met her and her friends. I had a few drinks and a few
burgers, spoke to a few of her friends. I took the piss out
of this guy called Austin, I wanted to have a bit of fun
and he was an arsehole. Left around 9 ish went home and
just went online. Amy has good friends, I'm glad she has
them in her life. Shes gonna be fine.

28th-Went out with Sam and Emily to Greenwich. Had a meal
at a noodle bar, talked about things going on in our lives.
It was good having an intimate meal and nattering on about
anything thats been going on. We then went to a pub for a
few drinks and then headed off to Woolwich (South East
London) for a few more drinks. We ordered a few and then
sat down. That night a fight had broken out inside and the
table we sat we couldn't see it, it was around the corner.
All we heard were fist-i-cuffs and glass breaking. We then
walked out of there to do see what other pubs were around.
There was a old disco night at one, another one looked like
it had been ransacked about 100 times a week, so we
backtracked back the to Wetherspoons with the fight. We
talked alot of crap and was drinking most of Emily's drinks
^_^. Went home around 11 ish, had a nice bath then went to

September 1st- Went to Lloyds Bar for Ryan's Birthday. I
was there first and then Maneesh came and got me. We sat
down for a while chatted on things going in our lives. Ryan
then came in, chatted etc, bought him a drink and sat back
down chatting about whatever. Jamie came in around half an
hour later. I haven't seen him for like a good 2-3 months,
I guess he was just busy doing things. Chatted to him about
his art and his life, then Emily, Sam, Mike and then Gemma
came. We all headed to this Italian restaurant called
Zizzi's around the corner of Bexleyheath Cinema. We all sat
down had a good chat and some wine. Had starters, main
course and dessert, all good. We talked and talked and Ryan
was taking pics with his huge and expensive camera. We sat
down at 7.30 and didn't leave till around 11 ish. We all
said our goodbyes and Sam took us home (good sport he
is :P). Had a good night, real good time and I hoped Ryan
had a good time, this maybe the last time till everyone is
together and have to go back to Uni. See ya later