Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2003-09-02 02:36:23 (UTC)

Bored Bored BORED

So i went home this weekend cuz it was labor day weekend
and everyone here went home..kelly has been cryin a lot
she keeps insistin shes not not really sure
where she is rite now..she said shed be in 300 but she
so who knos where she could be..i dunno things are
beginning to make me mad a lot faster..i guess its cuz i
dont make friends easily and the ppl i have met here on my
own is equal to 1 this girl christine but shes in
class a lot ..all the other ppl
kierstin erin lauren missy are all cheryls friends and im
not tryin to be all like a bitch but i dunno i wanna make
my own friends cuz i feel that cheryl made most of the
friends in high school...newayz i was readin ppls emails
and stuff and all my friends have made friends and are
hangin out witht them all the time and shit and i have
no friends unless i go to my sisters dorm and it
SUX!!..most that sux is i still havent met ne guys but
again i never meet guys so whatever..newayz i was soo
when i got back on saturday that i decoupaged a box and
like completely decorated all my walls wit postcards and
pictures and like stuff from magazines and me
cheryl and lauren went to the mall..the crossings..then i
have been in my room since..i tried to make mac n cheese
a plastic didnt work omg it melted and
bad..and then i went to the wawa cuz i gave up and i got a
sandwhich..oh and yesterday the fishtank like blew up but
think tis cuz i didnt change the filter rite i dunno but i
had to clean the whole thing out and the fish kept leapin
out of the cups i was tryin to put them decided im
gonna be such a good student cuz im in my room all the
and all i have to do is study..i need to try to make
friends and i need suggestions..and now to gripe bout
kelly..she like keeps tellin me to be happy and smile and
all this stuff it soo annoyin...ohh and i did what marissa
told me cuz she took a shower and i wanted to see if she
used her toothbrush so i took a tissue and touched it and
IT WAS DRY!!! that means that i thought she was brushin
teeth in the shower but i was WRONG!!! i dunno why its
there i guess for hopin that after i join
some clubs and stuff and loose as much weight as possible
will start makin i realize that most of my
good friends back in clifton i didnt come REALLY close
until like end of junior/senior year so i guess i have to
give it time..but it makes me mad that everyone else can
make friends but me and trust me ive tried ive like walked
places and introduced myself but i think they all thoguth
was crazee..well im gonna go to cheryls room..bubyee